"The challenges I have faced have been
debilitating but only temporarily, mostly they
have provided me the scope to learn and explore
further. My experiences have enabled me to be
explorative, non-judgmental, and adaptable to
diverse environments, critically view social
givens, and implement bottom-up

Rohini Ghadiok (1980-2011), human rights activist, scholar, feminist, and most of all, a dearly beloved friend. Rohini built life-long relationships, at the Mother’s International School, New Delhi, during her undergraduate programme in Sociology at the Hindu College, Delhi University and during her Masters programme at the Delhi School of Economics. Along the way she developed a passion for ‘looking beyond the obvious’, challenging herself to look at the disadvantaged and the marginalized in new ways and how they could empower themselves

The first seeds of this alternative thinking were laid at home, where discussions on politics, rights and equality were routine topics around the dining table. She was still in high school when she began to volunteer in remote parts of India, helping the destitute and distributing disaster relief. Her university studies exposed her to the grassroots she so came to love. Her career choices gave her the opportunity to work in the field, where she met all the unusual people whose lives she touched. Her final years saw her in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where her work with women in governance further strengthened her interest in ‘women in politics’.

Rohini was dedicated and passionate about her work, leading her team to challenge themselves and rise above their condition. She could abandon the comforts of her home and her air-conditioned office in a second to work in the field. She knew that action on the ground was her calling, and that her role in life was to become the catalyst that drove change.

Rohini was a true karmayogi. In her short but meaningful life, she touched the hearts and lives of so many people. To honour her work, her passion and interminable zest for life, we, her friends and family, have established this Foundation.

The Rohini Ghadiok Foundation is committed to reaching out to all those sections of our society who may seem less than equal, but in whose social, political and economic empowerment the world can become a more just and egalitarian place. We dedicate ourselves to the support, education and vocational training of children and young people so that they are able to develop the strength to reshape their dreams.


The Rohini Ghadiok Foundation aims to contribute towards the making of a just and egalitarian society; to inspire hope, lend a hand and directly engage people, by promoting the ideals, values and principles espoused by Rohini Ghadiok.


The Rohini Ghadiok Foundation is committed to supporting institutions that aid students through educational, technical and vocational training programs; to expand opportunities for all those who believe they can make a difference.